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In today’s challenging & complex building environment, priorities are often not aligned, budgets frequently missed and expectations not met. So, in 2023, we decided to eliminate the middleman and create our own solutions-based construction companies. Meet Watermark’s sister companies, ‘Rhino Residential’ and ‘Rhino Development.’

Rhino Residential is a market leading homebuilding force. Renowned for the ability to deliver high-quality homes at scale, Rhino Residential specializes in creating communities that offer a blend of comfort, style, and convenience. Comprised of a dedicated team, led by seasoned industry veterans, Rhino Residential is committed to delivering unmatched excellence and enduring quality down to every nail driven. By providing a clear plan to trades & transparent cost data to stakeholders, the construction process is streamlined and aligned. Rhino Residential is passionate about crafting vibrant neighborhoods that people are proud to call home, ensuring every detail is perfected to enhance daily living. Most of all, on time and on budget is the Rhino way!

Rhino Development is a leader in land development and construction management, dedicated to transforming “field of dreams” visions into vibrant communities. Founded with the mission to streamline the complex land development processes, Rhino Development excels in delivering top-tier construction management solutions from inception through completion. Every great project starts with a strong foundation and Rhino Development delivers the very best.

Discipline. Innovation. Grit.