Where Houses

Become homes

Meet Watermark’s “Canvas Communities.”. All Watermark-developed neighborhoods are specifically branded Canvas to best engage residents and promote the superior lifestyle experience Canvas Communities provide. We distinguish ourselves by elevating the way people live, work, and play™ through deliberate design, hospitality-inspired service, and a resident-first ideology.

Canvas Communities were created with a mission to offer a widespread, convenient, luxurious rental experience with none of the hassles of home ownership. As the costs of owning a home continue to surge, people in our communities get to live in their own very own house without the burden of owning. They can enjoy the flexibility of a lease and the modern amenities of a newly built house in a vibrant neighborhood. Whether it’s in Fort Worth, Texas, Nashville, Tennessee, or anywhere in between, a Canvas Community promises a living experience that creates peace of mind and a sense of true belonging.